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DRY RUN 2024

From A to B with low abv - Bristol's first-ever sober pub run

What a day! 
This January ravers and runners united for the first-ever charity 'Dry Run' in Bristol.

It's a fresh new take on the pub crawl in partnership with Arbor Ales, where runners head from venue to venue following their own route, collecting points and sampling an alcohol-free or low abv drink instead of a boozey bev.

All fitness levels got involved and the entry proceeds were donated to the local homeless charity Caring in Bristol.


We raised £1,278.90 



Congratulations to everyone for taking part!
A very impressive effort from our top 3 winners:
1st - Pint Dads +1

2nd - Mathew Dukes

3rd - Yabitrotsorka

> Bonus winners for 'the best team name' went to:
Snoop Jog

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 17.56.10.png


How it works:

1. Sign up to give your charity donation and claim your tote goody bag.
2. Meet at Lost Horizon for briefing, warm-up and to assemble a crew.
3. Create your routes and try to get to as many of the independent venues as possible within the given time
At each venue you’ll sample a low abv or non-alcoholic drink and

check in on social with a fun task.
5. Once you've visited as many of the venues as you can, run back to Lost Horizon before the cut-off time for prizes and a mini rave!

We believe that raving is important and we want to promote low and non-alc bevs within the city for a healthier and more sustainable approach to partying as well as raising money for a great cause. 


Can I run it solo or part of a team?

YES! We will help to assign teams on the day or you can run solo if you prefer.

What's in the goody bag?

This is a reusable tote bag and it will contain your Dry Run map as well as some treats from Ravers2Runners, Abor Ales and Caring in Bristol.

Is there a safe space to leave my jacket whilst taking part?

We will be able to store belongings at Lost Horizon. This will be in a safe space that’s manned throughout the event however we cannot take full responsibility for any losses so please be mindful of what you choose to leave on the premisses. 

What kind of music is at the mini rave?

High-energy rave music you can dance to mixed by Ed Real.
House, techno, D&B, Jungle. 

Can I use my phone?

Yes! You can use your phone to help get from A to B. You’ll be given a map with all 7 locations, then you and your team will have to get to as many of them as possible within the given time-frame by navigating to each one which you can use your phone for. 

What are the venues?

Venues of 2024:

















Hosted by Ravers2Runners
Sponsored by Arbor Ales
Raising money for Caring in Bristol

Dry Run Map.png
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