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We're not only passionate about running and raving, we also care about people, communities, and the planet. That's why we're more than just runners and ravers, we're fund-ravers.

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Run and Rave | 'From Tent to 5k'
Ravers2Runners X Greenpeace UK @ Glastonbury Festival 2023​

A new and exciting angle for Glastonbury festival goers this year with our 'From Tent to 5k' fundraver with Greenpeace UK which saw 200 runners (and ravers) gather by the Rave Tree in the Greenpeace field on Thursday morning for a 10am fun run around the festival site. 
Although coming in slightly over 5km and ending on the Glastonbury sign hill everyone still had a blast and made it back with smiles on their faces, and were a little more tanned than at the start.

Greenpeace work hard and collectively to fight climate change and protect the natural world. The world we all love, live, run and rave on. We're passionate about supporting their cause and stand with them to create a brighter and greener future.

We were lucky enough to have the photographer Marie Jacquemn capture some of the magic. You can view her photos in the Gallery link below.

Donations are still being taken and all proceeds go to support the work and campaigns of Greenpeace!

ADE R2R Header Image v.1.jpeg

Run and Rave

ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) X ​Last Night a DJ Saved My Life


This event helped to shine a light on the importance of physical and mental well-being in the electronic music community at the world’s biggest conference of the year; Amsterdam Dance Event.
We worked closely with ADE and the amazing charity Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and gathered together 60+ ravers for a 5km loop of the iconic Westerpark, home of the Gashouder nightclub, to raise money for a good cause and meet some other like-minded ravers on a neutral playing field.

Proceeds from the 10 euro entry donation went towards their Get Equipped campaign which takes surplus DJ, Production and Music kits, and donating them to educational and community organisations that support children and young adults globally. With expert guidance from a team of world-class DJs and producers, they teach young people how to play, mix and make new music giving access to music education and a safe place to find community.

Ukraine Fundraver.jpeg

R2R Ukraine Fundraver

In light of the awful news of the Ukrainian war in February 2022, we gathered the Ravers2Runners and other participants such as the Hun Runs group and got running.
Our aim was to run the hefty 6,992km distance of the Ukrainian border, and although we had some awesome pledges and involvement we allowed for walking and cycling to help us reach the finish line. 
We started on April 1st and finished on May 31st, and over that time we covered a total of 7,838km and raised over £9,000 for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
It was hard work but we got there in the end, and as hard as it was, it brought to light just how unimaginably hard it is for those still in Ukraine and those fleeing.
Thank you to everyone who got involved, supported us and donated to the cause.


R2R Fundraving 4 Caring in Bristol

Homelessness has always been an issue in Bristol, and over the last few years running up to the pandemic, it got considerably worse. In the UK, in March 2021, we were coming out of (what we all still hope is) the last national lockdown of the Covid 19 pandemic.
As a predominantly Bristol-based running group, we wanted to help our local community and Caring in Bristol felt like a right fit as they do so much to help those struggling with homelessness. We also knew that out of this last lockdown there would be more struggles to come, with more and more people left with little and/or no homes and we wanted to help.

We gathered the troops and collectively ran the distance to Ibiza, around the island 4 times, and back again which was an impressive 4,454km - which was well over our target of 3,588km which was going to take us there and back. We raised an incredible £12,000 for Caring in Bristol which has gone on to help those suffering from homelessness in Bristol.

Thank you to everyone who got involved, supported us and donated to Caring in Bristol.

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